Friday, October 24, 2014
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Afghan massacre US soldier 'reluctant to serve'

The US soldier accused of shooting dead 16 Afghans had received body and brain injuries while serving in Iraq and was unhappy about going for another tour of duty, a lawyer has said.


China sacks top leadership contender

China's Communist Party has replaced one of its most powerful and charismatic leaders in the wake of a scandal over the police chief of the city he oversaw. The move came as a surprise.


Afghanistan militants 'attack Kandahar killings site'

Militants in Afghanistan have launched an attack on a government delegation visiting the site where a US soldier killed 16 civilians.


Syria deputy oil minister resigns to join opposition

Syria's deputy oil minister says he is resigning to join the anti-government revolt.


Syrians flee to Lebanon amid Homs atrocity claims

Thousands of Syrians have recently crossed into Lebanon, the UN says, amid reports that security forces are committing atrocities in Syria.


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