Monday, October 20, 2014
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Malawi Scholar at Planet Under Pressure 2012

Collen Zalengera, a Commonwealth Scholar from Malawi, will be giving a poster presentation at the Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference, being held in London next March.


Zodiak Gets Education Award

LILONGWE: Zodiak Broadcasting Station has been awarded for its role in the promotion of the education of girls in Malawi.


‘Academic Liberty War Not Over’

The fight may have simmered down but lecturers at Chancellor college in Zomba think the battle for academic freedom should be intensified much closer home with the University of Malawi Council which all along sided the executive arm of government.


Chanco Lecturers in Big Red Day

ZOMBA: Chancellor College academic staff this Friday hold special celebrations marking a victorious end to a vicious academic freedom war. The ‘big red day’ will be held on campus in Zomba.


Tradition, Education Go to War

In Malawi, tradition demands that on reaching puberty, children must be initiated as way of introduction and integration into adult life. Here is where they are made to understand why there are so many changes on their physical body and mind.


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