Saturday, October 25, 2014
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Chavula: I can do the job

When you join a team in a foreign country, the pressure to perform can make or brake you.Malawi International and Amazulu defender Moses 'Luba' Chavula has taken the pressure in his stride and in few games he has started this season, he has shown what a good buy he is for the club.

Chavula told Zodiak online in Johannesburg about life in South Africa ABSA Premier League and he hope that he will achieve bigger things with the Durban based club.

"I've done well in the few games I've started this season. Its good start to the season for me and i hope to keep on doing well and I will keep on working hard and taken everything I've been taught during my
soccer career and in this league and combine the two to make myself a better player. I take each game as it comes and don't put myself under pressure Chavula believed that pressure is there no matter which team you play for.

Here it’s a job for me and I enjoy the pressure because it brings out the best in me as a player. So I don't think that I'm from Malawi and I have to do well.

"I think as a player, whichever team you play fro in the world, your job is to give the team options. The good part is that here the fans sing the whole game. They have so much love and passion for the game that you play at home there is full crowd singing the whole game. I'm having fun. It’s a new experience for me and I'm growing as a player.

"My coach also has an impact on my game because he always pushes me to do more. When I came to the team, he told me that he thinks I'm a good player in the air and on the ground. Its up to me to believe in myself and work hard every day. The coach has had a big impact on me doing well and I have a dream to play a bigger league I have to work hard everyday on the small things," Chavula said.

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