Saturday, October 25, 2014
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Kasambara’s Arrest: OSISA Condemns Malawi

LILONGWE: A joint statement by the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) and the Southern Africa Litigation Centre (SALC) has condemned the Malawi for the detention of lawyer Ralph Kasambara, saying the act amounts to a police state.

“Mr. Kasambara detention and prosecution of lawyer Kasambara is a vivid example of accelerated slide towards a police state in Malawi.

“The persecution of the former Attorney-General, is the most recent in a series of attacks on those viewed as government critics, particularly lawyers and human rights defenders,” reads the statement.

But government spokesperson Patricia Kaliati has dismissed the assertions as untrue.

“I think they are misinformed, that issue is being handled by police and they shall advise us accordingly. But my brother, how did Mr. Kasambara get bail when the judiciary is on strike, aren’t you concerned on that,” queried Mrs. Kaliati

Meanwhile, the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia has asked its followers across the country to pray for the immediate and unconditional release of Mr. Kasambara.

Synod General Secretary Reverend Levi Nyondo said the recent spate of arrests by government is tarnishing the image of Malawi internationally.

Mr. Kasambara was arrested on Monday and charged with abetting assault after his men overpowered and beat up two young men suspected to have been sent to petrol bomb his offices.

He was released Wednesday afternoon on court bail but the police re-arrested him two hours later.

After re-arresting him, the police insisted that the release of Mr. Kasambara lacked some procedures as no release order from the prison was issued.

Later the authorities questioned how he obtained bail when judiciary workers are on strike. Ironically the state also obtained a remand order from the same courts.—Zodiak Online

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0 #9 INEYO NDITHU 2012-02-21 13:50
This Govt needs deliverance to its deeds so to the opposition coz they are taking such matters as political gains not actually building the nation.We have premature democracy nobody should blame the other. However, if we wil keep on and on with such governments and oppositions the poor will never benefit from any rule to come as with case now and in the past.
0 #8 naziya 2012-02-19 20:50
ad the make up on madams face????
0 #7 ujeni 2012-02-19 13:20
-1 #6 nankhoma 2012-02-18 22:54
He he hede! she looks like a babie doll...
-1 #5 Chambe concoction 2012-02-18 13:53
This is a sign of confusion in Malawi. Lord please take us out of this ditch we have fallen in. We Malawians are perishing.
+4 #4 tank 2012-02-18 11:05
so should we say the Gvnment is corrupt aswel? how did they obtained a remand order from the same courts....yomwe akudabwa nayo amzawoyo????????????????
-1 #3 mtumbuka 2012-02-18 10:54
OSISA try to be serious pliz! if you are powerful demand the closure of all prisons in africa. thats the problem of operating on donor blood money. you guyz you will be judged one day believe it or not. our undule repented and has started farming and building his nation.
-1 #2 atonga 2012-02-18 03:30
amanyengana ndi bingu ameneyo osaziwa kuti callista akumanyengana ndi mamunawake.what a coinsidence
-1 #1 soja 2012-02-17 17:03
koma mayi uyo amadziwa kuphoda! koma ndikuwonjeza maphodedwe amaneyo

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