Thursday, October 23, 2014
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Govt to Ban Vegetable Importation

LILONGWE: As Malawi continues to lose its little available forex on trivia things like tooth-picks, government has been asked to put in effect ban on importation of vegetables.

Minister of Trade Mr. John Bande said this in parliament recently when he was reacting to a question from Ntcheu North MP Mr. Assan Lipande who asked the ministry to consider banning vegetable importation.

“I propose that government should ban importation of vegetables like such as cabbages, tomatoes, onions, and Irish potatoes so that we can save the little forex we have,” said the MP.

In response, responsible minister Mr. Bande said currently government has embarked on business linkages where producer are linked to buyers.

“Legislation to ban importation of vegetables is already there once the linkages are gone the law will be enforced,” said Mr. Bande.

Most big stores in the country sell imported vegetables a development that disadvantages poor Malawians who eke a living by selling vegetables in markets.

Section 18 of Control of Goods Act empowers authorities to ban importation of vegetables in Malawi.—Zodiak Online

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0 #1 Lyolyolyolyo 2012-02-22 14:13
This is a welcome move. BUT local suppliers do not have capacity to produce quality fruits and vegetables consistently. As result Government needs to empower these farmers. Unfortunately, Government is interested in the poorest of the poor ( the votes )as far as farming is concerned. I wonder what Govt will do. The ban will therefore serve no purpose.

Government needs to support farmers who have got capacity to produce and offer employment to the poorest of the poor.That way Malawi will develop. Otherwise, black market of fruits and vegetables will surface. By the way who can produce Brorocolli and Caulie Flower in large quantities to meet current demand.

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