Sunday, October 26, 2014
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Govt. Yet to Deploy Teachers in Rural Areas

LILONGWE: Teachers Union of Malawi TUM has described delays to deploy about 3, 500 rural primary school teachers as depriving rural communities’ access to education.

TUM Secretary General Mr. Denis Kalekeni said deploying the teachers would have improved the teacher - pupil ratio which currently is very high in rural areas.

“It is worrisome that government is failing to send teachers who duly completed their training and are ready to start teaching in rural areas where the teacher to pupil ratio sometimes reaches at one: 102 or sometimes one: 90,” wondered Mr. Kalekeni.

However, Principal Secretary in the ministry of education, Mr. John Bisika told Zodiak Online that modalities to deploy the teachers are at an advanced stage and that shortly the teachers will start work.

“We have finalized cleaning the list of the teachers and their names have been sent to the Human Resource Department.  Any time soon we will start deploying the teachers,” said Mr. Bisika.

Mr. Bisika told Zodiak Online that the modalities are at an advanced stage to deploy the teachers now.

About 3, 500 teachers under the initial primary school teachers’ program graduated in June last year but up to date, the teachers are yet to test the chalk board.

Meanwhile, two groups of initial primary school teachers are currently under training in the country’s Teacher Training Colleges raising questions as to when these groups will be deployed after completing their courses.—Zodiak Online

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