Sunday, October 26, 2014
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Japan Constructs Hostels at Mangochi SS

MANGOCHI: In an effort to promote girl child education in Malawi, the Japanese government on Sunday officially handed over an eight roomed Girls’ Hostel Wing to Mangochi Secondary School in the lake shore district.

Japanese Ambassador, Mr. Fujio Samukawa said his government is a keen sponsor of the education sector in Malawi.

“Government of Japan believes that all children have abilities and potential to contribute to development of the nation given the proper education, that is why we decided to give this hostel especially to promote the girl child education,” said Samukawa.

The Japanese Ambassador said the Malawi government is promoting education of girls and empowering women to become influential citizens, therefore it was the wish of his government to complement such efforts.

“The construction of the new boarding facilities would motivate more girls to pursue their education and become reliable citizens of Malawi,” he said

Headmaster for the school, Winston Majamanda thanked the Japanese government for the donation and said it has already started changing the performance of the girls at the school.

“The girls have started working hard in class because they can no longer walk long distances to attend classes as they are now based right here at the school,” said Majamanda.

Apart from the Japanese government, the Mangochi District Council has also built another eight roomed hostel for the same school with money from the different stakeholders in the district including Members of Parliament.—Zodiak Online

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-1 #2 zaithwa nkosi 2012-02-22 07:47
I satays in Mangochi.There is need for strong individual students will to learn otherwise even if the environment is conducive butgirl learners are easily coerced into masterminded immorarity.This can be attributed to Yao / Lomwe culture that stipulated that reusing sex is a taboo.There have been incidences of teachers bedding girls or even finding them men from the outside and turning the hostels into brothels, no wonder MH has poor girl child education performance rates.Best Infrastructure aside, but if there is no will to achieve a purpose then its all useless.
+3 #1 chesikampunda 2012-02-21 15:12
That is a very good development at Mangochi Sec Sch, when i was at the same secondary 1972 us girls, then, our hostel was an old catholic church, at least i thank and welcome the development keep it up well wishers developing my district especially the eduction sector bravo!!!

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