Thursday, October 23, 2014
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MOAM/PCL Saga Rages On

BLANTYRE: The Minibus Owners Association of Malawi MOAM is insisting that Press Cooperation Limited PCL should provide measures on how to reduce road accidents involving minibuses rather than pushing for premium hike.

MOAM Secretary General Mr. Coxsly Kamange said this at a news conference on Friday in Blantyre where he was reacting to last week’s remarks by PCL Chief Executive Dr. Mathews Chikaonda.

Dr. Chikaonda appealed to insurance companies to maintain the hiked minibus premium which is at 221,000 kwacha from 69,000 kwacha.

After negotiations with insurance companies, the premium was reduced to 131,000 kwacha but later the companies communicated that they were maintain the 221,000 kwacha figure, forcing MOAM to blame Dr. Chikaonda for his remarks.

“You insurance companies you should not bow down to the pressure to reverse the 131 per cent hike on minibus insurance,” said Dr. Chikaonda at the Insurance Institution of Malawi Annual Charter dinner in Blantyre last Saturday.

Dr. Chikaonda argued that most insurance companies will be out of business if they collect less premiums compared to claims they have to meet at the end of the year.

But MOAM has bemoaned the call arguing that road accidents involving minibuses have reduced.

“Encouraging insurance companies to hike premium on minibuses when there are no claims will affect minibus business in the country,” says Mr. Kamange the MOAM Secretary General.

MOAM has a 12,300 membership across Malawi.  - Zodiak Online

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