Saturday, October 25, 2014
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Is Malawi Prepared to Host AU Summit?

As Malawi expects to host the African Union summit in June this year, the AU delegation was in Lilongwe last week to assess the country’s preparedness.

Among others, the team assessed lodging facilities ahead of the 19th ordinary AU summit to be held in capital city, Lilongwe.

“Yes we can confirm that the team was in the country and it has since left,” said Golie Nyirenda spokesperson for the AU Malawi office.

The team’s visit came hot on the heels of mounting debate if Malawi is justified to host the summit in the wake of its sick economy that has been characterized by shortage of fuel and forex.

One of the people against the idea of hosting the summit is Vice President Joyce Banda.

“With this economic crisis the country is experiencing we cannot afford the luxury of hosting the summit. I would appeal to the President to think twice so that we save the money and use it to solve some of the problems the country is facing,” the Vice President told zodiak online.

But government has maintained that it will go ahead with the meeting, saying Malawi stands to benefit from hosting the summit.

The summit will be held at the newly constructed Bingu International Conference hotel.

Among others, the summit will finalize election of the secretariat of the African Union.

A vote to fill up the post produced no clear winner between incumbent Jean Ping, of Gabon, and South Africa's Home Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma during the last summit in Ethiopia. —Zodiak Online

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+1 #5 Kanyamula Banda 2012-03-03 09:17
I will not delve on comments made by politicians, as they are best left to politicians themselves. I am convinced Malawi has the capacity to host the conference. You see, when assessing the capacity to accommodate 400 delegates, the assessors concentrated only on designated hotels, leaving out lodges. The lodges Kumbali, 18, Anne's, Kuka, Bwaila, Capital City, Lingadzi, Riverside (with a combined capacity to accommodate up to 1500) were not assessed; and yet junior delegates rush to such middle level hotels to save.

Suggestions that Lilongwe does not have adequate accommodtion are clearly misplsced.
+1 #4 spagoh 2012-02-28 16:26
joyce alibe mfundo.kuyendetsa dziko sikuti kumkhalangati kuyendetsa orphanage.joyce akuiwala kuti anthu obwela ku nsokhano abwela ndi forex imene azsinthe mdzikomo.koma dyela lofuna kumadya kuwili ku chipani ndi ku boma.
mai ameneyu amafuna kumandisanzitsa ine yak!!!
+3 #3 karl marx 2012-02-28 04:31
joyce banda should know that malawi is not in economic crisis.the country has just registered 6% economic growth the past year and that to me tells a different story.the fact that,there is a shortage of fuel and forex does not constitute economic crisis.if u look at greece,they are in economic crisis there because their economic has down by 50% and they have a huge debt.despite that,greece has fuel in its gas station and the people are not complaining of running on empty tanks. but as a result of its economy contracting,the government has no sufficient revenue to pay its bigger than life debt.thats why greece is surviving at the mercy of contrast, japan has a huge debt like greece but because its economy is registering minimal growth,its not classed to be in economic has a debt close to 82% of its gdp but still it has it AAA rating.the economy there is not growing at all but still they are able to borrow cheaply.i dont think malawi has huge debt like uk or greece.not yet in economic crisis.stop this scare mongering
+3 #2 atati 2012-02-27 21:59
joyce thinks running a government is the same as running an orphanage, she is acting very damn, i don't know which school she went that tells her that it is a luxury to hold an international summit hhehhehhehheheh ehehehehehehehe h ullu ! muyaluka kuzolowera kunyenga amuna aweni, achina nkosi akazawo ali kusukulu, muluzi, ndi achina richard munalandawo koma mayi iwe tidzakuyalutsa ikadzangoti 2013 wooo sudzaiona game anthu adzadziwa umve omwe wachita pa moyo wako ndipo idzakhala ndondomeko ya CV tidzidzachita kulemba chaka, tsiku, ndi munthu wache yemwe. udzamvetsa dikira pano ukundinyasa ukamayenda kuti anthu aziti ndiyawoyawo,
+2 #1 Chikoko bay 2012-02-27 12:18
Interesting! If hosting the meeting is a luxury, I suppose the grouping itself is a lucury.

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