Saturday, October 25, 2014
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Chinese National Nabbed for Assault

The police in Zomba have arrested a Chinese national and his two Malawian workers for allegedly assaulting a suspected thief who has since been admitted to hospital.

Police Public Relations Officer for the Eastern Region, Thomeck Nyaude confirmed the arrest of Mr. You Chang Yae and his shop assistants, Mr. Erick Manda, and Emmanuel Ngalande.

"I can confirm that police authorities have detained the three for assaulting the alleged thief. Nobody has the power to punish suspected criminals other than the courts," said Nyaude.

The suspected thief, identified as Yamikani Jere, entered into SunShine Shoprite owned by the Chinese national and allegedly stashed two pairs of trousers in his jacket with an intention to steal.

After he walked out of the shop with the items, an angry Mr. Chang Yae started beating him before his shop assistants Mr. Manda and Mr. Ngalande joined in.

However, upon arrival at the police station to surrender the suspect, the three were detained while the suspect was sent to Zomba Central Hospital where he is admitted before he answers theft charges.

Meanwhile, the Chinese national and his two Malawian workers have been charged with assault.

If the three will not be given police bail then they must brace for longer stay in custody because currently the judiciary is on strike.—Zodiak Online

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0 #3 alfred Minjo 2012-03-12 10:38
"Zoona zake ndi izi". Your comments are rubbish. You better stay put and not comment anything..............
-1 #2 Zoona zake ndi izi: 2012-02-29 03:45
Those thugs were sent by Wakuda kamanga after he ordered in Ndirande all thugs, all thieves to go and break into indians, chinese houses. The DPP is broke, so in order to finance their party, this the solution they have taken to finance there party.
In Malawi, theves have more rights than those who are attacked, especially when those thieves are sent by Dpp.
Malawians, you are warned. Let them steal everything you have, bcoz even if you take them to the police without beating them, this fellow will lie to the police and YOU, the victime, will be arrested like this chinese guy and his workers or as Kasambara and his body guards.
Malawi is now the second thieves den in Africa after Somalia.
0 #1 atati 2012-02-28 16:17
why not arrest and keep kasambara who beat up those thugz ?.

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