Friday, October 24, 2014
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World Bank Meets Govt Officials

A World Bank team currently in the country has met officials from the ministry of finance to discuss the state of Malawi’s economy.

World Bank communications officer for Malawi Zeria Banda has confirmed the meeting.

“Tomorrow [Thursday, March 8, 2012] the delegates are holding a conference on trade in Lilongwe” she added.

The World Bank team comes amid revelations of an offer of a US$500 million bailout package from donors to get the country back on track.

Government officials including President Bingu wa Mutharika have repeatedly said donors are demanding a 40 percent devaluation of the kwacha but the proposal has been vehemently opposed as of now.

During the opening of the Malowa-Goliati-Chiperoni road, now named after the president, Mutharika took a swipe at donors’ intervention on the country’s economy claiming they are hindering him from solving Malawi’s problems.

For over six months, Malawi whose imports surpasses exports, has faced acute forex shortage resulting in failure to import basics like fuel and drugs.—Zodiak Online

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+1 #2 Banonie 2012-03-08 20:41
Bingu he can not just do thing to impress one person, but to impress all people. He can not just devalue the Kwacha without knowing at both side of the devaluation. Our condemnation to Bingu on this issue just indicate how stupid we are in our mind. We can not just say inde bwana without looking into the benefit of it.

Work up Malawi, we know that we are in trouble even the donors knows that. But we need to be as people so that even the donor can have confident in us. We can not be like prostitute to the donor , we need to show our stand so that when donor are helping us they should know whom we are. CSO and NGO they are like prodtitute who are just hurting the money. If the donor are aware of that I think they can see with their own eyes. We don't want the prostitute CSO and NGO in Malawi. They are greedy. We need people a bitt like Bingu, eventhough he demonstrated his arrongant by chasing UK Ambasodor. I hope Bingu have learn a lesson.

But still I hate the CSO and NGO because they are the one who planted these trouble in Malawi, I hate and hate them. They need to know the fruit of the seed that the planted is affecting a lot of lives.
0 #1 Vyakusi 2012-03-08 18:54
Let the work of your hands spoke 4u but when tikachotsa makwelero uzavutika potsika.

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