Monday, October 20, 2014
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I Regret Picking Bingu, Says Muluzi

Former President Dr. Bakili Muluzi has said he regrets handpicking President Bingu wa Mutharika to succeed him in 2004 on the UDF ticket.

Dr. Muluzi told zodiak online that he is so apologetic to Malawians for the choice he made.

“I apologize to Malawians for the choice I made. I never knew that this is the kind of a man I wanted to lead the nation. Please, Malawians forgive me, even when marrying sometimes you get shocked to see your wife change when at first she behaved differently,” says Muluzi in an exclusive interview to be aired Sunday at 12:20 pm.

When told that Dr. Mutharika inherited a rotten and hopeless country from him, the former President said that was not true.

“In my rule there were no fuel or forex shortage, except for one day when there was no fuel in the country,” claimed Muluzi who is in Malawi after pleading with his doctors so that he attends to his son, Atupele arrested on Tuesday and released on bail Saturday midnight.

He was arrested for allegedly inciting violence after his supporters clashed with police, setting ablaze a police unit in the process.

“The whole arrest is illegal, it is a continued persecution of my family,” Muluzi said.

Asked why leave hospital bed to see his son when he usually claims that Atupele is his own man, Dr. Muluzi said any concerned parent cares about their children no matter how old the children are.

“When I was President I would go home to see my mother and she would request me to sit on the floor with her. She looked at me as a son not as Head of State,” said Muluzi in his usual deep voice.

He said he was not angry but simply concerned that President Mutharika resigned from UDF after the party made him President and effectively made UDF an opposition party.

“I am not angry because anger doesn’t apply in politics but what the President did was very bad and if I were not a peace loving person I would have resisted,” said the former President.

President Mutharika resigned from UDF on February 5, 2005 and then later formed his Democratic Progressive Party, DPP.  - Zodiak Online

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0 #3 spagoh 2012-03-26 13:59
muluzi wasted preciuos 10yrs for nothing.the only development muluzi did was ntaja road,picking muthalikato succeed him.
muthalika is wasting malawi time to develop.we could havebeen some where by now. [censored] off muluzi,[censore d] off bingu,[censored ] off donoers.
0 #2 momo 2012-03-26 13:21
muthu osayamika zabwino zomwenzako wamu chitila
+3 #1 KAB 2012-03-25 10:24
Mr. Muluzi, we appriciate that during u'r reign there was no fuel + forex crisis. But, u unconstitutiona lly chose a wrong person from outside the party & now u're apologising. However,Bwana u've forgotten to apologise that: when u were the president, people died of hunger + HIV due to scarcity ARVs, no security(a zimayi kudulidwa mawere esp. Chiladzulu, robbery), corruption. What about Young Democrats eg Zimba in Kasungu? Both regimes have proved a failure to Malawians. Like father like son. Atupele is the same as u, Peter is the same as Bingu. Musatipusitse nonse. Tatopa nanu!!

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