Thursday, October 23, 2014
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JB Appoints John Tembo’s Son Envoy to London

In a fresh drive to renew the tattered relations between Malawi and her colonial master Britain, President Joyce Banda on Tuesday appointed Mr. Benard Sande as High Commissioner to London.

Mr. Sande’s deputy is John Tembo junior, son to MCP President and leader of opposition.

Mr. Sande is a former Principle Secretary and Malawi’s Ambassador to the US while John Tembo junior also once served in Brussels.

Political Analyst Dr. Augustine Magolowondo said politically the appointment of Tembo junior could be a sign that President Banda is trying to reach out to everyone.

“Although the position has no major political impact locally but this is a sign that the Presidents wants to build support base for her party by reaching out to everyone,” said Magolowondo.

Prominent historian and economic commentator, Dr. DD Phiri hailed the move as the beginning of renewed relations between the two countries.

“This is crucial and important. As Malawi we need to be in good relations with countries like Britain,” said Phiri.

President Banda told journalists that Britain will also send a new envoy to replace Mr. Fegus Chocraine-Dyte whom late President Bingu wa Mutharika expelled in April 2011.

His sin was that he branded the late President as ‘autocratic and intolerant of criticism’.

After the expulsion, London reacted angrily by also dismissing Malawi’s High Commissioner there, Mrs. Flossie chidyaonga plus suspending budgetary support, among other assistance.

Some donors followed suit, forcing President Mutharika to resort to the infamous zero deficit budget which heavily taxed Malawians to squeeze the much needed resources.

The two, Mr. Sande and Mr. Tembo junior, will leave shortly for London to start their work.  - Zodiak Online

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0 #7 Tsokonombwe 2012-04-26 08:49
Quoting Mbolo Zidana:
Madam president I forward my request for consideration for appointmnet at the RSA embassy or Tnzania since Mrs Agrina Mussa is packing and Flossie Chidyaonga is being recalled? Please try me

Akuchita packing kuti chani?
Recalling ya chani?
Asiyeni anthumwiwo they should save til the remaining term. Kukakhala kuwachita recall, mudzawachita recall in 2014 after mutawina u presidency in a genuine way.
-2 #6 Mbolo Zidana 2012-04-25 16:23
Madam president I forward my request for consideration for appointmnet at the RSA embassy or Tnzania since Mrs Agrina Mussa is packing and Flossie Chidyaonga is being recalled? Please try me
-1 #5 baba chindungwa 2012-04-25 09:47
I have 2million reasons to support mai J.Banda. Mai I wish all the best in the remaining period and use it to curb your future. We dnt need president wina pakanali pano. Mukuoneka kuti dzikoli muyendetsa bwino. I like all shots you have fired in the air to warn malemu Ningos pple.
0 #4 Ngondo 2012-04-25 06:13
Mai JB I salute you for the appointment of Mr Sande and Tembo Junior.
What a smart choice! We really need to see total change in this season.
Ine ngati Mmalawi weniweni am behind you.
0 #3 Ndauka! 2012-04-25 05:39
This is fine as long as there appointment is based on merit.

Yes, we want impartiality, fairness and no nepotism in all sectors in Malawi. This should apply to both governmental departments, foreign companies and embassies, NGO`s, all kinds of private companies etc.

We want a stop to any kind of NKHANZA within the boarders of Malawi.

GO John Tembo for presidency 2014!
Go Nancy Tembo for VP 2014!

You have the heart and experience, you will make it!
0 #2 Black Market 2012-04-25 01:09
I am overwhwemed with the choice of JT Junr, this guy is humble. U are indeed putting the house in order.
My request Mayi, as a citizen, our country is lagging behind or is stationery in ICT particularly in Govt. I have seen you have promoted Mrs Ndilowe, who was leading eGovt, we hoped to have ICT profile uplifted under Hawa. other nations in Africa are growing becoz of egovt. We are not seeing anything coming from Govt in ICT.

How can DISTMIS send us letters of invitation for interview by post office? Today by post office? worst enough coming from ICT department of the nation? Are we serious? No wonder, the letter got me expired, Even website, i failed to know more by researching on internet about the dept as there was no website. Mayi konzani kumeneku, sikuli bwino. Replacement ya mayi Ndilowe tikumva anapanga za ict, akhalenso wozidziwa.
Our economy cant grow without ict.
0 #1 Chambe concoction 2012-04-24 17:20
Chuma ku chuma bambo. Nanga ena osadziwikafe tidzingotuwatu basi abale.

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