Sunday, October 26, 2014
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Atupele, Chihana, Chilumpha, Kasambara in Cabinet

Three days after the burial of late president Bingu wa Mutharika, Malawi’s President Joyce Banda on Thursday night announced a new cabinet which has seen several faces from opposition parties.

The 32 member cabinet includes new faces and old ones that were in the Mutharika regime.

Notable casualties are the former president’s brother Prof. Peter Mutharika, former minister of Energy and Mining Goodall Gondwe, former Education Minister Dr. George Chaponda and the famous ‘mid night’ 6 just to mention a few.

The New Cabinet list is as follows:

President, Minister of Public Service, Statutory Cooperation, Disaster and Relief, Nutrition, HIV and AIDS Joyce Banda

Minister of Health Hon. Khumbo Kachali

Finance Hon. Ken Lipenga

Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Hon. Ephraim M’ganda Chiume

Education, Science and Technology Hon. Eunice Kazembe

Energy and Mining Hon. Dr Cassim Chilumpha

Gender, Children and Social Development Hon. Anita Kalinda

Economic Planning and Development Hon. Atulepe Muluzi

Justice and Attorney General Hon. Ralf Kasambara

Agric and Food Security Hon. Peter Nelson Mwanza

Transport and Public Works Hon. Sidik Muhamd Mia

Water Development and Irrigation Hon. Rich Bizwick Muhea

Local Government and Rural Development Hon. Grace Dzinenani Maseko

Information and Civic Education Hon. Moses Kalonga Shawa Kunkuyu

Industry and Trade Hon. John Francis Bande

Lands and Housing Hon. Henry Duncan Phoya

Home Affairs Hon. Uladi Mussa

Defense Hon. Ken Edward Kandodo

Tourism and Culture Daniel Liwimbi

Labour Hon. Eunice Makangala

Environment and Climate Change Management Hon. Catherine Gotani Hara

Youth and Sport Hon. Enock Chakufwa Chihana

Disability and Elderly Affairs Hon. Reen Kachere

Deputy Minister of Finance Hon. Ralph Pachale Juma

Deputy minister of Economic Planning and Development Hon. Khwauli Msiska

Deputy Minister of Gender children and social welfare Hon. Jenifer Deborah Chilunga

Deputy Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Hon. Augustine Gracewell Mtendere

Deputy Minister of Transport and public works Hon. Sosten Gwengwe

Deputy Minister of Education, Science and Technology Hon Chikumbutso John Hiwa

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Food Security Hon. Jemos Ulemu Chilapondwa

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Hon Rachael Zulu Mazombwe

Deputy Minister of Environment and Climate Change Management Hon Ibrahim Matola

.--Zodiak Online

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0 #9 osborne saulosi 2012-04-27 09:04
its a welcome idea but lets critically analyze it, how people of different political agendas can work together? Atupele is inspiring the same position how is he going to put his effort to develop that ministry position? Madam think wisely they will be the same people 2014 compaining for your position
0 #8 mpha 2012-04-27 07:05
MMMH i hope there is no room to revenge .bt wat is this
0 #7 Gadabwali 2012-04-27 05:54
I hope and believe that it will serve the people and not serving the president only!

But its a nice and productive cabinet, Thanks Your Excellency Mrs. J. Banda.
0 #6 Chimwemwe Masina 2012-04-27 05:22
No problems with the new cabinet if and only if Malawian NEEDS are MET.We hope that no More Infections are to be Spread in this Newly-Tender-Godly Chosen Fantastic Govt.Remember,'WE WILL SURELY MEET YOU, MINISTERS, WITH an IRON FIST IF YOU TAKE YOUR 'gods' into this govt.AMALAWI ANACHENJERA MIND YOU!!!!!!!NO MORE EGYPT.
0 #5 me 2012-04-27 00:50
Its vital to have this newly cabinet, on Cassim Chilumpha it doesn't make sense at all, remember any other opposition they will use your miss apointment on general election and you wont be successed with this error. Mind dont use too much emonsions than development. People they want to see a different.
0 #4 wakisu 2012-04-26 22:24
But i thought the newly elected Justice Minister is on court bail for the criminal offence he committed? President Joyce Banda i thought you were a law abiding citizen how come giving ministerial position to somebody who has a case pending. Does that show any seriousness in your government. How many Lawyers do we have in Malawi? You have messed up your credibility Mrs.
-1 #3 spy 2012-04-26 19:36
zayambika zosabwenza zija eti
0 #2 chilungamo chimawawa 2012-04-26 18:44
Kumeneko nde kubwera, viva mai Banda, palibe opanga ziwawa apa. you have tried to bring the whole nation on board.
+2 #1 Apatsa Malawi 2012-04-26 18:30
Abwana thanks for the combination and gurus of different skills with very min cabinet.

Next time please remember to include more seats to the youth than the same old names.


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