Thursday, October 23, 2014
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JZU Ready to be 2nd Vice President

Without beating about the bush MCP President and Leader Opposition John Tembo on Sunday made it crystal clear that he will accept the post of second vice president if offered.

As a government of unity, the Malawi constitution empowers the President to appoint a second vice president from an opposition party.

"I will accept the position if offered and work with all my dedication to help develop our country," said Tembo in an exclusive interview with zodiak online.

"Of course this would not mean that I will quit MCP but as an indication of willingness to work together as a country. I am happy with the current government it believes in consultation and at the same time it is a listening government".

Since President Joyce Banda was sworn in Tembo has met her twice where it is believed that consultations on recent appointments were made.

"I have met her twice and I am happy that we now have a President we can talk to but I can not tell you what we discussed," said Tembo.

He said President Banda is proving to be a great leader and that all stakeholders must come forward to help her.

"Who knew that Zambia or South Africa could give us fuel? The previous government worked as an island made enemies will all our neighbours," said the Leader of Opposition.

"Also look at the cabinet, a combination of people from across the board with great capabilities."

He said he was also happy that his son, John Tembo junior, has been appointed as deputy High Commissioner to London.

"For the past years my well qualified son could not get a job, his crime being that his father is Leader of Opposition. As a people we should not live like that so I am happy that finally this government has given my son a job," said Tembo.

Tembo also paid tribute to Bernard Sande, newly appointed High Commissioner to London, as a great career diplomat.  - Zodiak Online

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-1 #9 Thetruth betold 2012-04-30 17:50
You old man, what you want is to reap us off, and we fully know that. Please keep on cheating others and not me.
0 #8 Lady Madeya 2012-04-30 11:39
Dyoi Tembo ali ndi maghazi mmanja. Olo atandithira doom, I cannot accept this murderer as my second vice president. No need to recycle this expired politician!
0 #7 spagoh 2012-04-30 10:26
JZU thumb up for you.good coming.
0 #6 awb 2012-04-30 09:01
mukutithawa ife zidzukulu zanu? tsono muziyamwitsa bwanji pamenepa? ife tidziwe ziti? Mwana wanu, inu muli ku PP, ife mufuna tipuse kuno? Ifetu tibwera konko. oro mutseke chitseko, tidzaphapatizik a pa window, nanga ife tita? komanso a baba, ndimakumbuka mau anu nthawi zambiri mumati; fisi ndifisi, angakhale atachoka tchire ilo kupita linalo sangasinthe maanga, suja munkatiuza dero dzana lija? Eeeeh! tikubwera tidzangovundula ko ku PP kenaka nkubwereranso kwathu kumidima (black cook).
+2 #5 frank banda 2012-04-30 03:14
Only blind pipo are saying, 'kumeneko ndiye kubwera baba. inu simukuona kuti baba afuna retirement package. wat has JZU to offer now instead of just retiring quietly. hahahahaha. malawians will never change always kupusitsidwa
0 #4 elia nthakomwa 2012-04-29 18:37
this is extraordinally maturity in baba, we want such minds.tikutsalira in development due to unchangeable minds. bravo baba.atskufuna zanthera yekha
0 #3 tapuma 2012-04-29 15:28
sikutha mapulani palichilungamo chilekeni chiyende ngati madzi baba kumeneko ndiye kubwela athandizeni mayiwa mai kumafusa osakhala mrs know ngati ajawa ndiawo anaviika nsima mmadzi
0 #2 kambani zithe 2012-04-29 12:21
Obaba tsopano kumeneko ndekubwera. Thanks for the appreciation on good developments ever made by the president. Indeed even myself I was quite overwhelmed to here that even Guebuza himself could make an offer of food stuffs and diesel for the funeral ceremony a thing which only manifests that JB is a good leader and I hope with fresh discussions on inland port something good will come up. Obaba akakupatsani u 2nd veep muthandizeni mayiyu basi komanso mukapitilize kunenapo pamene mwawona kuti sipali bwino kuti Malawi apite patsogolo.
-3 #1 naa!! 2012-04-29 11:48
Kutha maplani Baba he he he!

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