Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Kasambara in Stable Condition, says Wife

Malawi's prominent lawyer Ralph Kasambara who was on Friday night whisked to Mwaiwathu Hospital in Blantyre for urgent medical attention is in stable condition but will still wait for a scan on Sunday.


Lawyer Kasambara Re-arrested

Believe this. Lawyer Ralph Kasambara has been re-arrested on the grounds that procedures were not followed for his release.


Mauwa Angers Opposition MPs

Opposition Members of Parliament in Malawi on Tuesday walked out of the chamber in protest against swearing and vulgar words from Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Mrs. Margaret Roca Mauwa.


Opposition MPs Walk Out of Parliament

Malawi's opposition Members of Parliament have walked out of the chamber in protest against swearing and vulgar words by Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Mrs. Magret Roca Mauwa.


Lawyer Kasambara Charged, Locked Up

Police in Blantyre have officially charged Private lawyer Ralph Kasambara with abetting assault and have since locked him up.


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