YAS Grooming Future HRDs and CSO Leaders

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Malawi will soon have a new crop of young foot-soldiers that will be front lining the protection of human rights in the country and pushing the Civil Society agenda.

Youth and Society organization, facilitating training of Emerging Civil Society Leaders, says the civil society space in the country needs a new leadership that will bring in new ideas in safeguarding and providing alternative voices for the citizenry.

Currently with support from the National Endowment for Democracy amounting K29m, fifteen youth activists are being trained and mentored to become human rights defenders some day in the country.

YAS Executive Director, Charles Kajoloweka, said the Institute for Emerging Civil Society Leaders is a transformative leadership development program that is focused on nurturing and grooming a new generation of human rights defenders in Malawi.

“Young leaders that are being groomed will become frontline human rights defenders and transformative leaders in advancing democracy and safeguarding Malawi’s democracy at community and national levels,” he said.

He said at the moment, CSOs have lost a number of members to politics and other leadership roles other than human rights, hence need for a crop of new leaders with new ideas in defending the rights of Malawians and a well-informed civil society.

Representative from the National Endowment for Democracy-NED-Farha Tahir, said civil society has been a critical player in Malawi’s history as such, a new crop of players would help promote good governance and democracy.

“Every country needs civil society organizations and young people represent a larger percentage of the country’s population, therefore their voices are needed.

“This crop of new leaders will be there to speak and protect the rights of their fellow youths,” said Tahir.

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Last modified on Thursday, 30/01/2020

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