Parents Caution Govt Against Reopening Nursery Schools on Sept. 7

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Some parents have cautioned government to tread carefully before considering reopening kindergartens on 7th September just like other examination classes in the first phase of reopening schools, saying it will be inconsiderate of their well-being as the pandemic rages on.

The parents that we have spoken to feel reopening kindergartens will expose their children to the virus.

They feel these are too young to follow the set guidelines to prevent spread of the virus such as social distancing and use of face masks therefore asking government to reverse the decision.

"It does not make sense. These children almost do nothing at their schools besides what we can tell teach them at home. The virus is still out there, I will not send my three year old son to school," said one parent we will name Abiti.

Another parents concern is on COVID -19 preventive measures such as social distancing and use of face masks. She told us that," it is hard for the little ones to follow these rules. they would eat without washing hands regardless of what they touched as long as they want to eat. They might even take off their masks anytime or swap it with friends. Who knows where the other child is coming from." 

A father of two, name also withheld is of the view that "Government should not rush the little children. There is literally no need. Let them wait and assess the first phase before opening up for the little people."

Education expert Benedicto Kondowe concurs with the parents.

He feels it will be premature of government to do effect this decision advising government to first make an assessment of the first phase of reopening examination classes before extending to other classes.

"It will be premature for government to make such a move. What will they be basing this decision on? The proposition from the ISAMA can wait for consideration at an opportune time not now," said Kondowe.

The ISAMA through its President Joseph Patel engaged the Ministry of Education yesterday Saturday proposing that ECD learning should also resume on 7th Sept alongside examination classes, to which government has agreed.

The ministry of education says it will be releasing fresh guidelines for reopening of nursery schools.



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