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Malawi Ranks Low On Transparency International Corruption Index

Kabondo: Serious cause for concern Kabondo: Serious cause for concern File Photo

A 2019 corruption performance index released by the Transparency International has ranked Malawi at position 123 out of 180 countries, on their performance in fighting corruption.

Corruption Perception Index is an annual compilation of corruption reports by the Transparency International, rating countries on public perception towards corruption issues.

Jeff Kabondo, national coordinator of Integrity Platform, a Transparency International chapter-in-making, says the index indicates that efforts to deal with corruption in the country, are not yielding results.

Kabondo says the report is bad for the country considering the investments made by partners and other stakeholders in the fight against graft.

"This is bad for the country because the report is regarded as a point of reference in matters of corruption globally. There is need to understand how stakeholders or development partners look at us in terms of corruption," said Kabondo.

"Some people may think that it’s only a perception, yes but these things are reflected in acts of bribery, state capture, nepotism and other factors that contribute to corruption," he added.

Social commentator Wonderful Mkhutche says he is not surprised with the rating. He further says some influential individuals and corporate entities influence politics, and this results in politicians coming up with policies that are not in public interest.

"The rating is not a surprise considering some trends in the country. For example take a look at electoral financing. There are other people that have more money to use during campaign or elections than others, and that is public money," said Mkhutche.

According to Integrity Platform, state capture and nepotism are among factors that are included in reports from reputable institutions like the World Bank and African Development Bank, forming the Corruption Perception Index.

New Zealand and Denmark have been ranked the best among 180 countries, with Seychelles ranked as the least corrupt country in Africa.


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Last modified on Friday, 24/01/2020

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