MHRC Revives Killing of Buleya Lule

David Nungu - MHRC Executive Secretary David Nungu - MHRC Executive Secretary

The Malawi Human Rights Commission has described delays in the arrest of officers implicated in the death of Buleya Lule as disturbing to justice.

Lule died in police custody in February 2019 as he was suspected to have had a hand in the death of a boy with albinism from Dedza District, Goodson Fanizo.

In May 2019, the Malawi Human Rights commission released a report on its investigation into the death of Lule.

In the report MHRC recommended that some 9 police officers needed to be investigated on the circumstances that led to the death of Lule.

One year is elapsing with no tangible progress from the police who the report tasked to investigate fellow officers.

MHRC Executive Secretary David Nungu has told Zodiak the commission expected swift action from the police and there is need to bring the matter to conclusion.

“The commission expected the police to take the recommendations very seriously. This is very disturbing not just to the commission, not just to the family and state but it is disturbing to the judicial system,” he said.

This delaying act, according Nungu is hindrance to efforts to an improved justice system in the country.

“The silence from the police service is worrisome this is not a kind of matter that can just be ignored, we need to come to a conclusion and know exactly what happened,” said Nungu.

He has since pleaded with the police to act with urgency saying the matter is of national interest.

“The commission will stick to the recommendations it gave, this is not a matter to be abandoned. We want the police to take action and close this case,” he added.

National police spokesperson James Kadadzera told zodiak online that the Malawi Police Service is not sleeping on the matter but investigations are still in progress.

“We have been investigating and finalising investigations, we will announce to the public once we have finalised,” he said.

But Kadadzera could disclose on the period the investigations would be concluded.

According to the 2018 Population and Housing Census Malawi has a population of over 130 thousand persons with albinism.

Since 2014, over 160 cases on the abduction, and 22 murders of persons with albinism have been reported in the country.

Reported crimes of persons with albinism have been longstanding in the country and the attacks are fuelled with myths that body parts of the vulnerable contain magical powers.

Despite this, few of these attacks have been thoroughly investigated and resulted into the perpetrators facing the law.

But in as of late, two death sentences have been passed on two cases on the killings of persons with albinism.

Some senior police officers implicated in the MHRC report are Evalista Chisale, Paul Chipole, Ikram Malata, Ronnex Kapesa, and Mervin Gama.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 01/04/2020

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