Opposition MPs Clear-way for Presidential Election, June 23

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The opposition in parliament has shot down a government bill that proposed holding the fresh presidential election on June 23 on one hand while on the other it sought members preference between the 50 plus one or first-past-the-post way of electing the president of this country.

The bill was brought on plenary only hours after the opposition pushed their way to setting June 23 as the election day Tuesday aware that government meant to bring the same in the house “with a hidden agenda.

“We knew what they were up to. We were prepared for them. They got the shock of their life,” said Samuel Kawale parliamentarian for the opposition Malawi Congress Party.

In a face book post, Kawale says government MPs had planned to shoot down the bill on third reading since no side would have acquired the required 2/3 majority. In Malawi, for constitution amendment to take place, note less than 128 of the 193 need to vote YES, which was not the case.

Government could not amass the 2/3 of the votes of members and allegedly planned to blame the rejection on parliament, which development would have meant no election of June 23.

“Knowing the plan, we decided to bring a motion to set the date before the bill was tabled,” said Kawale in his post.

On Tuesday, MP Kezzi Msukwa, successfully moved Parliament to waiver of standing orders and allow Yeremia Chihana move a motion for a resolution on the date for the election.

The resolution was made for the election to be held June 23 and for Malawi Electoral Commission to gazette the date for the fresh presidential election.

“After realizing that the plot failed, they went ahead to table the bill, removed the 50 plus One part,” reads part of his post.

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