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Health Experts Push For Malaria Vaccine Guidelines

Health Experts Push For Malaria Vaccine Guidelines

A health rights expert, Maziko Matemba is pushing for the creation of guidelines on the adoption of the malaria vaccine that was approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Matemba said this can be achieved if Members of Parliament deliberate on the country’s decision on whether to adopt the vaccine as part of national malaria control strategies.

“What we need to do as a country is, now that parliament is meeting they need to reflect on it before the current seating rises because malaria is one of the top five diseases that affect Malawians,” said Matemba.

The malaria vaccine was tested among 800 thousand under-five children in three countries of Kenya, Ghana, and Malawi and results showed that it is an effective tool to prevent illnesses and deaths that occur as a result of malaria in both children and adults.

Ministry of health’s programs manager for immunization, Dr. Mike Chisema has meanwhile said government is consulting various stakeholders on how a broader malaria vaccine could be introduced.

“The engagements have already started, we have already started and we are hoping that we will be updating the nation,” he said.

WHO indicated that it will in its next steps include funding options on the malaria vaccine amid concerns countries like Malawi might not be able to procure the vaccine.


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Last modified on Wednesday, 17/11/2021

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