Analysts Speak on Queen’s Influence on Malawi

1979 - Dr H. Kamuzu Banda and Queen Elizabeth in Malawi 1979 - Dr H. Kamuzu Banda and Queen Elizabeth in Malawi

Political analyst George Chaima and historian Chrispin Mphande say Malawians should join the rest of the world in celebrating the life of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdon who died on Thursday because she contributed to the country's economic development.

Chaima says despite that the queen is seen by critics as having influenced the Britian’s plunder of resources in the country and Africa at large, she also made notable contributions to developments on the continent.

He says there is a need for Malawians to look at the positive side despite what the British government did during the colonial rule.

"We had so many resources, our tea that was grown on our own land was exported to their country at a peanut or no price at all, "

"We were not given a platform to have control of our natural resources. We still mourn for what they had done as a British nation, but all in all we can forget about that and concentrate on the mourning," he adds.

Historian Mphande says the Queen contributed a lot to the country's economic development through the Commonwealth Development Cooperation.

"There have been that kind of constant budget support from the British government. Of course, there were times they would withdraw it because of some human rights issues but there has been that kind of agreement between Malawi and former British masters in terms of supporting our activities," he observed.

In July 1979, Queen Elizabeth II visited Malawi, which according to Mphande was a way of rebuilding the British government's relationship with African countries which it ruled for many years under colonialism.

"That time the Queen had organized a tour in most African countries and in my view, it was a way of saying much as we were your colonial masters, let us live together as brothers and sisters," he explained.

Queen Elizabeth II was also the Queen of Malawi before Malawi got its independence in 1964.

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