TA Chimombo of Nsanje Embroiled in Land Wrangles

Nsanje traditional leader, Traditional Authority Chimombo, is being accused of making unfair judgements on land disputes.

The Traditional leader is being faulted for allegedly dispossessing agricultural land from some of his subjects who apparently worked with former Traditional Authority Chimombo, late Stanford Tukula.

One of his subjects, Khefas mapundi for example, claims to have lost his agricultural land in such manner.

Mapundi claims, late Stanford Tukula, allocated the land in question to him in 1992 which he has been utilizing for 30 years, but a recent judgement, saw T/A Chimombo and his ministers dispossessing him of the land and allocated it to those who allegedly rally behind him.

He claims he is helpless as he banked on the land in question for his agricultural activities.

"Traditional Authority Chimombo has been harsh on me. He is punishing me for working with the then Traditional Authority Chimombo, late Stanford Tukula.

"Many people have been affected here. The traditional leader is using his subordinates, such as Senior Group Village Head Muyang'anira, who has been sending people to trespass on my land.”

He further alleged "GVH Chimombo recently ruled in my favor but when the 'trespassers' appealed against the judgement at T/A level, they won the case."

"I am helpless, recently I had my maize crop slashed. I reported the matter to the police. I am yet to be assisted," explained Mapundi.

He further alleged that Traditional Authority Chimombo demanded K40,000 to apparently give him back his land.

"T/A Chimombo demanded K40,000 from me which I paid. But despite paying the money, I have not been assisted."

Nsanje Police Station Officer, Superintendent Sani Chitalo acknowledged receipt of complaints of malicious damage from Mapundi.

"We are yet to assist him, we had transport challenges but we will work on it," said Superintendent Chitalo.

Traditional Authority Chimombo however dismissed claims that he is fighting those that were working with late Stanford Tukula.

"It's a total lie, actually I am not the one who has been passing the judgements on the land disputes but my ministers. Of course, they brief me after delivering those judgements. This however does not mean I am not party to the decisions," explained Chimombo.

The traditional leader admitted to have received K40,000 from the man in question which apparently was meant to be presented to the country's graft busting body as evidence on bribery charges.

"I am keeping the money as I speak as evidence to ACB so that the man should face bribery charges. He paid the money so that we should rule in his favor, I am not corrupt. Actually, we have pictures showing him dishing out the money for favors, " said Chimombo.

The traditional leader who earlier told Zodiak Online the money is in his possession, later claimed the money was given to Senior Group Msamba and he is the one keeping it.

"Senior Group Msamba is currently keeping the money. I got a call from him that Mapundi paid the money so we rescind the earlier ruling on his land dispute, " said Chimombo.

Senior GVH Msamba however dismissed allegations that he was keeping the money.

"It’s true that Mapundi wanted a favor, so he wanted to pay the money but I declined to receive it. We did not want to be party to such corrupt practices," said Senior Group Village Head Msamba of Traditional Authority Chimombo.

Senior GVH Msamba, nevertheless said their judgement on the land dispute was correct given Senior Group Muyang'anira's evidence.

"Based on the evidence, Mapundi trespassed on land which belongs to Mai Bizeck ndi Mphonda, so we ruled in the women's favor, " explained Senior GVH Msamba.

GVH Msamba's sentiments were echoed by Taibu Fatch, who was also part of the team which made the ruling.

"We stand by ruling on the matter. Based on the evidence, Mapundi's land is 105 by 230 yards. There is no issue here. Our decision was not based on the fact that he was working with late Tukula, we ruled based on Senior Group Muyang'anira's evidence," said Fatch.

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