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YWAM Concerned with Girls Abuses

The Young Women Association of Malawi (YWCAM) has complained that young women and rural poor girls are still exposed to numerous sexual abuses in the country.

Acting director of the organization, Alice Bwanausi, has told Zodiak that it is heartbreaking that some men continue to rape girls and defiling step children.

"It is of great concern that cultural issues are fueling abuses on young women and girls in most parts of Malawi. Some girls have children just because they were raped. So, it is a fact that some girls are facing abuses within their families," complained Bwanausi.

She said through a global funded project, specifically from Her Voice Fund, more than 60 girls have been trained on women leadership.

A 20-year-old, Mary Zaiti from Nkhukuteni village from Machinjiri area and a 19-year-old, Ethel Nantapu from Mtenje have echoed Bwanausi' sentiments.

Zaiti said there is a need for consistent empowerment of girls and young women in order to minimize challenges they are facing.

"Some girls are raped by step fathers. I am happy that we were capacitated with leadership skills to be able to engage duty bearers to end gender related violence," said Zaiti.

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