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Car Dealers, Banks Say Car Exhibition Vital

Vehicle dealers and money lending institutions have indicated that consistent holding of car exhibition events can assist to boost the motor industry in Malawi.

Chief Executive Officer for Lilongwe Motor Show Limited Alinane Njolomole has since expressed hope that the car show which they held at Limbe Country club in Blantyre on Saturday will assist those that participated to expand their market.

“This gives an opportunity to participating brands to increase visibility, so it is all about marketing,” said Njolomole.

He then commended banks for providing loans to individuals and corporates to purchase vehicles and insurance companies for insuring the cars.

“You have also seen banks and insurance companies here, these are important in the growth of the industry,” he explained.

Some officials from Banks including National Bank of Malawi, First Capital Bank and NICO Insurance said they remain committed to ensure that people have assets through the provision of loans and see to it that their property is insured.

Taking his turn, one of the officials from Belly Motors, Walter Nyamilandu Junior said being a dealership that sells luxury and premium vehicles, new and used, are ready to compete on the market.

“We have come here to participate along with other prestigious brands such as CFAO and other companies to show our high value goods that we import into Malawi.

“We are trying to induce ourselves into a segment which is very unpopular in Malawi, it’s high end luxury vehicle market. What happens is most people aren’t able to purchase these luxury vehicles because they look at issues of servicing for we do not have adequate servicing centres in the country,” said Nyamilandu Junior.

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