Kupindula ndi Proto First Cohort Graduates

Some of the graduates Some of the graduates - pic courtesy of Kelfoods

Kelfoods has graduated first cohort of Kupindula ndi Proto poultry training which the poultry company is offering for free to young people in the country.

Chief Operations Officer for the company, Soti Michael, said on Friday after the award of certificates ceremony in Blantyre that the initiative which is new is providing training to the youth willing to venture into poultry farming.

“Proto will be able to train them and give them the insights of poultry farming. We give them a free training course for three days at our demo farm.

“Then, they will learn how to look after chickens; the broiler chickens for five weeks and we provide training for them for free until they have a complete insight of what poultry farming is all about,” he said.

One of the graduates, a Blantyre based Rosette Chamula from Machinjiri, foresees a bright future courtesy of the knowledge acquired.

“I developed interest in poultry farming in 2018 when I was an intern at a certain farm. From there, I started a small-scale poultry farming. Since then, the walk has been hard because I had no experience in the farming and had no one to ask for advice.

“As a result, I lost many chickens because I did not know how to treat them from various diseases. I expect a great improvement after this training. For example, I have learnt that the first four days of a chick are very critical and a farmer needs to pay critical attention to them. This will help me to take care of my chickens from day 1 to the selling day,” she said.

The company’s brand ambassador, Noel Chikoleka, popularly known as Phyzix in urban hip hop circles, says the initiative is a way to go for business-minded young people.

“Getting your hands dirty is where the money is. I see a lot of excitement from this cohort, even in the people expressing their interest on our social media. There are a lot of people who want to be part of this.

“I am very happy that this part of generation of the youth is very interested to create their own enterprises. My expectation is to see a lot of participation and I see this project going very far,” he said.

17 boys and 15 girls made up the inaugural cohort.

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