PAC for Soul Searching Before Prayers

The quasi-religious body, Public Affairs Committee (PAC) says the country should firstly undergo soul-searching on growing social and political ills haunting the society before suggesting to call for the National Day of Prayers.

This follows suggestions from some quarters including political leaders on the need to unite and hold national prayers in the wake of increased incidences of suicide, killings and corruption.

However, PAC Chairperson Mosignor Patrick Thawale told Zodiak Online on Friday that much as the body believes in effectiveness of prayers, it will be a mockery to turn to God when almost everyone including leaders are not ready to foster rule of law, tame corruption and uphold family values, among others.

Mosignor Thawale has given a recent example of confusion at National Oil Company of Malawi (NOCMA) as a sign of bad governance on the part of leaders at a time the country needed direction.

"Before we speak of the issue of prayers, this is the time for soul-searching as a country; why and how have we reached this far, have we missed out on something on the way? For instance, on civic education, family upbringings. So prayers are very good but if you don't do your part and shape up and you say let's go to prayer, it’s like putting God in a mockery situation.

"We need to seriously take civic education, leadership and fostering the rule of law. The laws are just on paper but implementation is a problem", Mosignor Thawale said.

Social commentators, Wonderful Mkhutche has agreed with PAC that the country’s problems require right actions such as taming corruption.

"The answer to our challenges as a country is not in prayer. The answer is in right action. We all know our challenges they are corruption, food insecurity and how to end those challenges. The problem is that the those very people we out in positions of power to make decisions for our country are the same ones stealing from us", he said

Another social commentator, Ceasor Kondowe, says what is needed is to deal with the country’s well-known problems not hiding in prayers.

"There are some other problems that we know straight away that this is not the right way, we are supposed to do this direction, while others we do not know where the issues are coming from," Kondowe agreed.

PAC has for the past been holding national prayers ahead of rains and general elections for instance.

According to Thawale, the Committee has not planned any national prayers soon.

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