Clinic Administered Anti-Snake Venom To Kottana Chidyaonga

Kottana: Had pinhole wound on dorsum of right foot Kottana: Had pinhole wound on dorsum of right foot File Photo

Emerging investigative findings suggest that Kottana Maria Chidyaonga was administered an anaesthetic drug called vecuronium at the first clinic where she was brought before her referral to Kamuzu Central Hospital in Lilongwe for respiratory support and treatment.

Information that Zodiak Online has accessed suggests that the attending clinician at the first clinic where Kottana was taken to around mid-night of January 3rd, 2020, anti-snake venom (Polyvalent) was administered to the girl through intravenous infusion.

The information we have accessed suggests that the patient “came looking for snake anti venom” after a guard at her place reportedly informed her the snake was poisonous.

“After sometime, this patient was noted to have tonic clonic convulsions and upon further examination, had no pulse and respiratory effort. The anti-venom was stopped.

“Cardio Pulmonary resuscitation was, therefore, commenced with one round of adrenaline. The patient was also given boluses of IV fluids and intravenous hydrocortisone. When I noted that the patient had regained the pulse but no respiratory effort, I called the ambulance to transfer the patient to Kamuzu Central Hospital,” reads a report of a doctor.

The mystery of the sudden death of Kottana has gotten three young people arrested on suspicion they may have a clue as to how their friend died.

Among those in police custody is Diana Bhagwanji, who has since hired Dr. Steve Kamiza, a pathologist who is challenging the accuracy of an autopsy by another pathologist Dr. Charles Dzamalala, suggesting this was a homicide occasioned by use of a chemical pesticide called termic.

Dr.Kamiza, also disputes that there autopsy presents evidence implicating Diana Bhagwanji.

“…from my objective reading the said post-mortem report I did not see any conclusive evidence suggesting a case of homicide let alone implicating Diana Bhagwanji,” reads part of a four page affidavit to which a post-mortem report is attached.

Dr. Dzamalala’s postmortem contents have attracted as much public attention as have done events leading to Kottana’s death itself.

“I am more than willing to defend my position in court,” said Dr. Dzamalala to Zodiak Online in a brief interview recently “I stand by the contents of my report”.

The two pathologists, both practicing privately but also teaching at the College of Medicine share different expert opinions in what observers say will be an interesting court contest.

Meanwhile, the Medical Council of Malawi says it has launched an investigation into the death of Kottana Chidyaonga, after some quarters also disputed the autopsy report on the death.

Police are also investigating the matter which is expected in court soon.

Acting Registrar, Richard Ndovi, says the move has been necessitated by counter arguments by some experts, in contrast to pathologist Dr. Charles Dzamalala’s report.

Dr. Dzamalala has told us he stands by his findings that suggest the girl died after ingesting the chemical tarmec.


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Last modified on Tuesday, 28/01/2020

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