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Stakeholders Complain Of Sharp Rise In Chieftain Wrangles

Chief installations: Have become a source of conflicts Chief installations: Have become a source of conflicts pic by Joseph Mazizi


Director of Chiefs in the ministry of Local Government, Charles Makanga,  says taking chieftaincy disagreements to courts doesn’t solve matters but rather delays progress thereby derailing development as solutions are with loyal families.

He says this in return is affecting people in such areas as they are denied their right to development in the process especially in areas around gadgets.

Makanga was speaking during the elevation of traditional authority Maganga who is now senior chief at a function held at Maganga primary school graced by deputy minister of local government Esther Majaza.

“In almost any district you will find one or two chieftaincy wrangle, if you go to Chikwawa, Zomba, Blantyre, Lilongwe, Kasungu so we have a number of chieftaincy wrangles so if they go to court you find the court looks only at the process they are sent back home to discuss who is the rightful heir to the throne,” he said.

And deputy minister of Local government Esther Majaza impressed on the chiefs to refrain from corruption and favoritism if they are to be respected.

“I have told the senior chief Maganga and all the traditional leaders here that they should not be corrupt,” said Majaza.

Meanwhile senior chief Kalonga of Salima has called on fellow chiefs to help in maintaining peace and order with the current political tension.

He said it is only chiefs who can help the situation as they are in charge of the people hence need not to take part in politics but bring the people together.

“We have a huge responsibility a traditional leaders, all the people before are under us and we can greatly help in making sure that there is order in this country by not taking part in politics but bringing the people together,” Kalonga said.

The newly elevated senior chief Maganga took the throne in 1989 and she is currently incapacitated that her son is the caretaker.

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