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Children Face Covid-19 Threat with Careless Mask Disposals

Zodiak Online has established that some children in Malawi are prone to contracting Corona Virus through collecting and reusing disposable face masks.

This comes amid poor management of used mask littered anyhow elsewhere.

A health expert Maziko Matemba has warned that if disposable face masks are not managed properly, the fight against Covid 19 pandemic will be compromised.

Matemba says:- “The fight against further spread of Covid 19 will not be a success if this is left unattended and will put more lives of our children at risk.”

Ministry of health spokesperson Joshua Malango says the concern is valid and the ministry is doing everything possible to ensure proper management.

“We urge Malawians using disposable face masks to properly burn them or throw in bins out of children reach,” says Malango.

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