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What are some of the underlying problems behind Ending Gender Based Violence?

What are some of the underlying problems behind Ending Gender Based Violence?

Issues of gender-based violence are crucial, they need to be given great attention as they hinder fulfillment of human rights and a direct challenge to women’s inclusion and participation in sustainable development.


When a woman is a bused, she cannot take part in development activities just the same as a girl child who has been abused, this child is likely not to do well in her education even drop out of school.

In most instances, women face different kinds of abuses because they are not empowered. When women are empowered, they are able to speak out, stand on their own even seek for justice in times of need.

Inequality is another hiccup for development of our country. Malawi being one of the poorest countries in the world, where almost 70% of the population is living on less than $1.90 a day, a low level of economic development alongside seemingly regular shocks has left the nation’s finances perpetually constrained. The country is stuck in a deadlock of slow growth which is unequally distributed, where poverty and inequality are two faces of the same coin. Economic inequality is growing significantly.    

    3.2 Overall Objective & Target Group

Overall Objective
    1. Educating the public about issues related to gender-based violence and inequality
    2. Enlighten parents and guardians on the importance of girl child education.
    3. Make the people realize the pivotal role they have in protection of a child from different abuses.
    4. Soliciting views from the people on issues of gender-based violence and inequalities
    5. Make people understand the critical role women play in development.
    6. Make people understand issues surrounding gender and gender equality
    7. Encouraging women and girls to take a leading role in making their lives independent.

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