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Online Journalist

Online Journalist

One of the best RnB inspiring artists in the country, Lawrence Kwisa who is known as Lulu in the music circles, has released a single track titled ‘Nkhaza’.

A 25-year-old woman is in agony and admitted to Nkhotakota District Hospital after she was beaten by three women, beat her up and injured her private parts as she was seen coming out of a rest house with the husband of one of the three women in the district.

National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) through the Digital Outreach program has empowered youths in Salima with basic digital skills in order to enable them to take part in the democratic processes in the country.

Speaking during the graduation of the students, Member of Parliament for Salima Central Constituency, Gerald Kapiseni Phiri, who was the guest of honor at the ceremony, said the world is a global village with technology.

He said as a result people in the world easily engage through the internet where they easily access and share information on various issues happening around the world, hence the need for the youths to be equipped with digital skills.

“I am very happy that the youths have been equipped with these skills and now they are computer literate, which is a much-needed skill in the digitalized world where people interact through advanced technology," he said.

He added: "The skills will enable them to take part in different developmental activities and broaden their opportunities."

Regional Civic Education Officer for the centre Enock Chinkhuntha said access to information is very vital for the consolidation of democracy hence their office imparting the knowledge to the youths in the district.

“The youths make up a larger component of the population in Malawi, hence the need to empower them by giving them the pre-requisite skills and knowledge in the technological dimension.

"Technological skills will enable them access, discuss, and share information on different developmental aspects in the country such as human rights among other things," he said.

Chinkhuntha further made a plea to the MP to help advance the course once presented in parliament, so that they have enough funding which in turn will help the program to be more sustainable and also be introduced in other districts.

One of the graduates, Luka Mayaza, was very excited that he was among the students that have acquired the knowledge in basic computer skills.

He said the skill will help them in finding different opportunities and taking part in various developmental decisions.

In the Central Region the program is enrolled in three districts and since 2014 has managed to train 220 females and 310 males in Salima.

Written By Florence Cheyo-MANA

The office of ombudsman has ordered the ministry of Health to permanently employ all Health Surveillance Assistants which were recruited under global funding in 2007.

Police in Lilongwe have arrested a 34-year-old woman after she faked death of her own daughter to get money.

South African media is reporting that Pretoria Magistrate Court has issued three warrants of arrest for rape cases against Prophet Shepherd Bushiri who is answering fraud and money laundering charges in that country.

A woman aged 41 has been arrested in Lilongwe on suspicion she had illegal possession of cocaine, an illicit drug.

South Africa's eNCA is today Thursday reporting that Bushiri and his wife Mary have been warned to appear in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court on Thursday or risk losing their R5.5-million (MK285 Million) property in Centurion.

Issues of gender-based violence are crucial, they need to be given great attention as they hinder fulfillment of human rights and a direct challenge to women’s inclusion and participation in sustainable development.

There is so much more Malawi can do.  Through the “Stop Nkhanza” mass media campaign, we aim on doing our part.  The expected medium and long-term outcomes of this project would be:

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