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DPP Government Torturing Malawians - Chakwera

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Dr. Chakwera was responding to the SONA President Mutharika presented in parliament last Friday. Dr. Chakwera was responding to the SONA President Mutharika presented in parliament last Friday. - File photo

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is subjecting the people of Malawi to dire poverty and hunger, Leader of Opposition in Parliament Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has declared.

Dr. Chakwera was responding to the State of the Nation Address President Peter Mutharika presented in parliament last Friday.

The MCP leader who called the SONA “a missed opportunity”, said the current government is failing its own people by sabotaging their potential.

“Malawians are languishing in poverty, hospitals have thousands of qualified medical personnel who would save our people from preventable diseases, if they were not hindered…our fields have thousands of dedicated farmers who would feed nations, if they were not hindered…the presidency is surrounded by thousands of devoted civil servants who would run a credible and efficient government, if they were not hindered,” he said.

He said the DPP party is at the centre of all this.

“The DPP is a party of untruths. It promised prosperity for all, but is only delivering prosperity to a select few; promising justice for all, but creating a state where Chasowa and Njaunju’s murders remain unsolved; promising security for all, but failing to even provide security for its own Parliamentarians and its own President during the State of the Nation Address,” said Chakwera.

The MCP leader singled out the banning of maize exports as another factor how the DPP has failed to feed its people.

“They promised to make the country the food basket of the region, only to reverse their own policy by banning the export of our farmers’ crops. So I ask you, Honorable Members, is Malawi the region’s food basket today? It is not true,” lamented Chakwera.

Chakwera also took to town the DPP for failing to fulfill many of its promises such as introducing health insurance for all public servants, ending drug shortages in hospitals and eliminating illiteracy by 2019.

“The DPP promised that the teaching profession will be upgraded and that teachers would be paid on time, promised to provide total security to both persons and businesses. I ask you, has this total security been felt by those with albinism or those falsely accused of being bloodsuckers, the elderly or the DPP’s own MPs who have been harassed here at Parliament and allegedly had their cars burned?”

The MCP leader also said the DPP has failed to reform the civil service by cutting off unnecessary positions as it promised.

“The DPP promised to remove from the Presidency the power to appoint or remove the Governor of the Reserve Bank, the Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, the Auditor General, the Director of Public Prosecution, the Clerk of Parliament, the Malawi Law Commissioner, the Director General of the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation, the Director General of MACRA. I ask you, have you seen the President relinquish these powers?”

The MCP leader also criticized the DPP government for its hostility towards the civil society as witnessed by their counter-demonstrations.

“The DPP promised to cooperate and collaborate with the civil society, non-governmental organizations and the media, yet it sends its young cadets on to the streets to threaten CSOs who want to protest peacefully, creates a heavily armed police barricade to block Malawians from marching peacefully, and in his State of the Nation Address before this House, President Mutharika himself accused the CSOs who marched peacefully of plotting violence and seeking to destabilize the country. I ask you, does that sound like co-operation? It is not true.

“The DPP promised the end of blackouts by the end of 2017. I ask you, are Malawians out of the dark ages?”

He further accused the DPP of “stealing from Malawians”.

“As you may recall, the DPP promised “zero tolerance on corruption”, that “there shall not be Cashgate scandal under the DPP”. But Malawi’s score on Transparency International’s Corruption Perceptions Index was better in the Cashgate years of 2013 and 2014 than it has been in 2015, 2016, and 2017 under the DPP,” said Chakwera.

“The DPP has no shortage of wide open gates for siphoning money from Malawians: Cashgate, Calendar Printing Gate, ADMARC K45 billion Gate, TEVETA Gate, Mulli Brothers K3 Billion Gate, MACRA Gate, Maize Gate, Office Furniture Gate, Generator Gate, Medical Stores Procurement Gate, Salima Feasibility Study Gate, Mombera University Gate, Phalombe District Hospital Gate, Nsanje Inland Port Gate, 4 Billion Kwacha Disbursement Gate, Tractor Gate, National Aids Commission Fund Gate, and K236 Billion Gate. Surely this cannot go on,” charged the MCP leader.

Chakwera said he would welcome any people who would want to partner with the party to defeat the DPP.

“I am determined to partner with young Malawians in pursuing the alternative vision I have for the country, since the DPP is too infected to make a healthy partner for development…this alternative vision is not one I created or manufactured alone, but one that young Malawians themselves have helped create and entrusted in my care as I have interacted with them across the country,” claimed Chakwera.

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