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Nkhoma Synod Condemns Diminishing Leadership

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Malawi's president Peter Mutharika: his leadership is being questioned, and the opposition is neither good Malawi's president Peter Mutharika: his leadership is being questioned, and the opposition is neither good

Nkhoma Synod of the Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP) has expressed dismay at what it calls diminishing leadership in the ruling Democratic Progress Party (DPP) and a weak opposition in Malawi.

The church says the country is now at the mercy of selfish political leaders who have no interest of people at heart.

In a 12-paged pastoral letter read out to its faithful during Sunday service, the Synod has criticized its members who are in top positions in government of failure to use Christian values to instill sanity in the running of state affairs.

Titled Remaining Salt and Light in the Evil and Crooked World, the pastoral letter has focused on five key areas: governance, elections and electoral reforms, environmental degradation, and social and spiritual matters.

The pastoral letter has strongly dwelled on governance issues with the synod’s leadership observing that Malawi is lacking selfless political leaders who have the interests of people at heart.

“We noted with great concern that some of our members are reducing themselves to become instruments used to jeopardize the enactment of some crucial bills in parliament that could have benefited Malawians…” reads the pastoral letter in part.

The bills include one on electoral reforms and a private members bill on the Independence of Anti - Corruption Bureau where the church claims most of the MPs who were in the forefront frustrating them in parliament were Nkhoma Synod faithful.

On the governance the pastoral letter also points out issues of transparency and accountability, where it questions the process of procuring generators by the Electricity Generation Company and the allocation of the K4 billion for constituency development.

 “The process of procuring generators by Electricity Generation Company – EGENCO, attest to this fact of lack of transparency and accountability where we are ably informed that  some political officials involved  are  in line with the ruling party and worse still the generators have not brought any change.

“The allocation of the K4 billion to members of parliament, as a synod we also question the compensations or payout to favored political officials that tow the ruling party line, where we understand this money which government said has found from somewhere is a thank you to those MP’s who voted against the electoral reforms bill,” it further reads.

The synod has  pleaded with its members who are in authority in government to be honest, transparent and accountable first to God and the people they serve.

The Nkhoma synod has also described the opposition in the country as compromised because of how it handled the K4 billion kwacha issue.

On corruption, it says it is now rampant, uncontrolled and endemic,, because those involved are Christians in top positions.

“Corruption in Malawi remains a puzzle because those people we are talking about in key leadership positions starting from cabinet minister, members of parliament, senior managers, middle managers down to the ground laborers are Christians, even if you go to the private sector, no measures to curb corruption are in place,” adds the pastoral letter.

Other concerns are on justice where the synod has spoken about police delay in investigating Chasowa and Njaunju cases.

“As a synod we are worried that police investigation processes comes endless for decades; we have the Chasowa and Njaunju cases, which let culprits roam free and even commit more crimes, and that it is no longer a secret that people who are connected to the ruling party are sparingly facing the law even if they can be involved in plundering of government resources.

Signed by the synod’s moderator, Bizwick Nkhoma, and Synod Clerk Reverend Arnold Saka, the Nkhoma Synod pastoral letter has provided 13 tips to its faithful on the quality of people to be voted in the 2019 polls for the current social, economic and political turmoil to end.

Some of them are God fearing, having no record of corruption, no liars, leaders who will not defend thieves and promote cashgate, those who will uphold the rule of law, and those who will not reduce traditional authorities to puppets.

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