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Tobacco Commission Eases COVID 19 Restrictions on Tobacco Growers at the Market

Sadala: CEO Tobacco Commission Sadala: CEO Tobacco Commission Photo by Towera Kumwenda

Tobacco Commission says will from Monday June 15, 2020 start allowing the presence of commercial growers and a representative for local small holder growers during the sale of tobacco following various consultations.

At the launch of the 2020 tobacco market, tobacco buyers were restricted from the tobacco floors as a way of preventing the spread of COVID 19.

Chief Executive Officer for Tobacco Commission Kayisi Sadala however, urges all concerned stakeholders to continue adhering to the COVID 19 pandemic measures set by the commission at the floors, to help contain further spread of the virus..

“ For the commercial buyers, only that buyer with more than 150 bales will be allowed to have a representative. As for the small holder growers we are not talking of bales, we are talking of zonal representatives," Sadala said.

Meanwhile Chief Executive Officer for Tobacco Association of Malawi TAMA Felix Thole has applauded the development saying it will remove any form of doubt the growers had on the proceedings of the market as now they get to choose a representative.

“It’s a relief because there was that pressure coming from the farmers, in case they were not there on the market. So this will remove the suspicions they had. I totally believe it’s a good move," Thole said.

Seven and  a half weeks into the tobacco market season, Malawi has realized about 72 million dollars.


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