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Chikondi Mphande

Chikondi Mphande

Twenty-five-year-old Blessings Crazer says 'never say never' when challenges strike.

Growing up a girl in Malawi has its own challenges. Especially growing up in rural Malawi areas. It is even more challenging for a girl growing up in a rural setting in this country and from a home where brewing beer and distilling alcohol, for imbibers, is the sole means of survival.

In this special report, Chikondi Mphande, takes us to some villages in this country where girls, as young as ten, brew beer and distill local gin in their homes. The majority of these girls are turned into sex toys for the imbibers. Some have ended up becoming teen-mothers.

While most of the girls just have no time for school, the few who still do are traumatized. Their class performance is negatively affected. Some of the girls end-up becoming teen-mothers.

The National TB and Leprosy Elimination Program says the provision of transport money to all the 165 patients currently on multidrug resistant (MDR) TB is helping them not to skip medical treatment.

Leprosy has resurfaced in Malawi after it was believed to have been stamped out in the country in the 1970s, and it appears to have come back strongly.

President of Huawei in  Sub-Saharan Africa Region, Leo Chen,  says they are committed to bring digital tansformation to every person; home and organization in Africa.

The Principal Secretary of E-government in the Ministry of Information and Digitalisation Francis Bisika has said several interventions are being put in place by the government to reach over 80 percent of Malawians with cheaper and reliable Internet by 2023.

Since the first year of commercial planting of biotech crops in 1996, more than 70 countries from all over the world have either planted or imported biotech crops, according to the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA). Malawi is one of those countries.

In light of this, Chikondi Mphande sought to explore the opportunities that Malawi could take advantage of with regard to agriculture biotechnology that could help to solve some of the challenges the country is facing.

Chikondi is focusing on how Bt cotton, a variety of genetically modified cotton, has improved the lives of farmers in the country and how the food technology sector could also benefit from agricultural biotechnology in the country.

Between January and August this year, 208 people took their own lives in Malawi. That is an average of 26 people committing suicide each passing month.

The majority of the suicide cases are by men. In fact only 40 of the 208 cases were women. This is almost like carnage in most war situations on the African continent at the moment.

In our special report this week, Chikondi Mphande, finds that in majority of the cases, suicide followed emotional torture bordering marital disagreements and financial challenges.

Gays and sex workers in Dedza have expressed worry over a shortage of lubricants and treatment for syphilis in hospitals, saying it is putting their lives in danger.

Patients suffering from leprosy in the country have expressed concern over continued challenges they are facing to access basic needs.

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