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NICO Life Acknowledges Long - Serving Employees

Nico awardees Nico awardees - pic by Alinafe Mlamba

NICO Life on Friday celebrated the remarkable service and dedication of five of its outstanding employees, recognizing their unwavering commitment and tenure within the company.

At the forefront of this acknowledgment stands Thoko Kasonda, a beacon of loyalty and commitment, having contributed an impressive 15 years to the company.

Following closely behind is George Makwiti, Gloria Kayange, Frank Kangola, and Kondwani Nguluwe, all commemorating a commendable decade of service at NICO Life.

In response to this commendable achievement, Wise Chigudu, the CEO Designate of NICO Life, expressed profound appreciation for the employees' steadfast dedication.

Chigudu highlighted that this milestone underscores the company's steadfast support for its workforce, setting a high standard for other employers to emulate.

"NICO Life values and recognizes the dedication of our long-serving employees. Thoko Kasonda's 15 years of commitment, alongside George Makwiti, Gloria Kayange, Frank Kangola, and Kondwani Nguluwe's decade-long service, exemplify the loyalty and expertise that form the bedrock of our company," stated Wise Chigudu.

The recognition of these individuals not only demonstrates NICO Life's appreciation for its workforce but also underscores the significance of fostering a culture that honors loyalty, expertise, and unwavering dedication within the organization.

As NICO Life continues to thrive in the insurance sector, the company has since reaffirmed its commitment to nurturing and supporting its employees, recognizing their integral role in the organization's success. The acknowledgment of these exemplary employees serves as a testament to the company's dedication to fostering a conducive and rewarding work environment.

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