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Stakeholders Preach Peace and Respect for Rights During FPE

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With only hours to the 23rd June, 2020 court ordered Fresh Presidential Election stakeholders in the electoral process have implored Malawians to maintain calm and respect for other people’s rights for peace to prevail in this country during this electoral period.

Chief Executive Officer for Centre for Multiparty Democracy Kizito Tenthani says Malawians should remember that an election is a process that needs respect at all cost.

He believes this is the surest way for our democracy to thrive. Tenthani adds that peace is possible in the country during this time, only if the citizenry refrain from any activity that might spark violence.

“It is through an election process that we elect a leader in a democracy. Malawians should respect that. Violence is restrictive. It makes other people fail to express themselves. No one should intimidate anyone. No one should choose for someone,” stressed Tenthani.

The Gender NGO-GCN has also joined the calls for peace to prevail in the country during the elections.

In a statement the organizations Chairperson Barbara Banda has called for Malawians to maintain oneness by realizing that the election is not an end in itself rather a mere means of attaining the development we all equally aspire for and deserve.

She is quoted as saying, “it is not worth risking our own peace and safety, as well as that of our own fellow Malawians through inciting or perpetrating any acts of violence.”

The NGO-GCN further commends the Malawi Electoral Commission MEC for demonstrating preparedness, openness, transparency and diligence in the little time they had to prepare for the fresh elections.

Of late, various organizations such as the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) as well as the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) itself, have advocated for peace in this period considering the fragility of the Fresh Presidential Election.


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Last modified on Monday, 22/06/2020

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