Mzimba Farmers Baffled By Unexplained Deaths of Cattle

Mzimba challenge: Cattle dying en masse Mzimba challenge: Cattle dying en masse File Photo

Its a double blow for farmers around Euthini and Mbalachanda extension planning areas under  Inkosi Chindi in Malawi's northern district of  Mzimba.

While they are are faced with the problem of maize shortage, their animals are dying in numbers.

Livestock farmers in the villages of Manjawira Moyo, Msazurwa Mwandu, Luji Phiri in Euthini extension planning area and those from Ndakala, Mufipa Jere, Madede, Kamomo Munthali villages around Mbalachanda extension planning area have lost dozens of cattle.

Speaking to Zodiak Online on Wednesday, Farmers Union of Malawi board chairperson for the North, Albert Nyirongo, says the situation is pathetic.

“As am talking the situation is worse, we have had 300 cattle deaths around Euthini extension planning area while in Mbalachanda extension planning area over 200 have died,” said Nyirongo adding “ This is from the period from December last year to this year February, government had vaccinated the cows but nothing is changing,” said Nyirongo.

However Mzuzu ADD Acting animal health and livestock development officer Wellings Munthali has down played the issue, claiming the deaths occurred last year and that they have received no new reports.

“We visited the place when we got such reports in November - December and we went there to verify we discovered that it was due to nutritional problems and some tick born disease infections and most of them were work oxen which were over working without proper feeding.

“That's what we established when we visited the place unless if there are new infections that we have not heard of,” said Munthali.

Meanwhile farmers around the area which boarders Zambia want urgent help from the authorities for fear of losing all their animals.

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