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MP Concerned With Safety of Bottled Water

MP Concerned With Safety of Bottled Water

Parliament has sent to the Malawi Bureau of Standards (MBS) samples of water for testing, following water quality concerns raised by a lawmaker who allegedly observed impurities in the bottled water given to him.

Legislator for Mulanje Bale, Victor Musowa, alleged in Parliament on Tuesday that he tasted fuel in the bottled water.

“If you taste the two bottles of water standing on my table this morning, one has fuel inside it the other one seems like water.” Alleged Musowa.

He recommended that the water be tested to confirm if it was safe for human consumption.

“I have put them parallel to each other for them to be examined. Can you allow Secretariat to pick my two bottles of water, send them directly to Malawi Bureau of Standards, and make sure that this water confirms with standards of producing water in the country.”

In an interview with Zodiak, the lawmaker disclosed that he also got samples of the same water which he would personally drop at MBS head office in Blantyre.

“I am not trying to cast untrustworthy on anyone but I just want to say this is an open bottle of water, anything can happen someone can throw it away and replace the water.”

The Parliamentarian indicated that he expects MBS to swiftly examine the water and give results by Wednesday.

Another MP for Mwanza Central Nicolus Dausi concurring with Musowa asked the ministry of Water and Sanitation to also follow up on the matter and ensure MPs and Malawians at large get potable water.

“I thought since we have the ministry of Water, while Secretariate is looking at this serious issue, the line ministry could have also been involved so that at least we are safe as we drink this water,” said Dausi.

The bottled water is labeled ‘Real Purifired Still Water’ by United Food Products.

Parliament spokesperson Ian Mwenye confirmed the samples have been sent to the Malawi Bureau of Standards for testing.

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Last modified on Thursday, 10/02/2022

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