100,000 Students Graduate from Free Christian College

In a historic move, over 100,000 students based in Southern Africa recently joined tens of thousands of students from other countries in graduating from Religious Studies, thanks to the Zion Christian Mission Center, a theology school founded in South Korea.

The number of this year’s graduates exceeds the number of graduates it produced in 2018, when it saw 20,000 complete their studies successfully.

“The Zion Christian Mission Center aims to resolve this challenge through its model of free tuition on offer in over 300 schools internationally,” reads part of a statement issued by the center.

Throughout the world citizens have bemoaned the cost and accessibility of quality education and religious studies are no exception.

But, according to a statement by the ZCMC, the organization, with over 300 schools worldwide, has sought to resolve this by making tuition free and open to all who wish to understand Christian scripture regardless of culture, language, age and religion.

This year’s graduating class of 100,000 students was made up of individuals from countries including the U.S., China, England, Canada, Germany, Australia, South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

The students spent about six months learning basics of the Bible and have covered content from Genesis to Revelation, with the goal of helping them understand the overarching theme and purpose of the Bible.

ZCMC said the course aims to equip people with the correct understanding of the Christian faith, based on scripture.

“More than just teaching scripture, however, the ZCMC works with communities and other religious leaders to promote harmony, help instill dignity and uplift the lives of students impacted by poverty, conflict and other social challenges,” reads part of the statement by ZCMC.

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