Localization and Anticipatory Action Project Taken to the People in Neno

Beyond Our Hearts Foundation with financial support from Save the Children-Italy on Monday and Tuesday conducted Community Entry and Sensitization on Localization project under the frame "Transforming Local Institutions through Empowerment for Disaster Management and Climate Resilience/Tiyende Pamodzi and Anticipatory Action."

All Females on Reproductive Age Should go for Contraceptives - Expert

A reproductive health specialist has warned that the country will continue to register increased cases of post abortion complications unless all females of the reproductive age group are encouraged to go for contraceptives.

Counting the IVETA TVET Hosting Gains

Malawi will host this year’s International Vocational Education and Training Association (IVETA) World Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Conference from 14 - 16 November, 2023.

Integration Touted As Key Way to Contain Covid-19

In May this year, World Health Organisation WHO declared end of Covid-19 as global health emergency.

Tutla's Generous Donation: MAFCO FC Receives Football Boots Worth 3 Million Kwacha

In a heartwarming display of community spirit and support for the beautiful game, Tutla, recently made a generous donation to the renowned Super League team, MAFCO FC. The donation, valued at an impressive 3 million Kwacha, consisted of high-quality football boots that are set to elevate MAFCO FC's performance on the pitch.

Unemployed Nurses and Midwives Write Govt Demanding Permanent Jobs

About 5000 skilled but unemployed nurses and midwives across the country have petitioned the ministry of health demanding permanent jobs.

Chairperson for the concerned health workers Peter Kabaghe told Zodiak Online that majority of them are being exploited.

“The country’s health system has a shortage of human resource and needs to be covered, but government is just exploiting us by giving us 40, 000 Kwacha for temporary employment” he said.

The group has since given government a 5th October ultimatum to permanently employ them.

“If it fails to give us permanent employment, we will withdraw our services from all the district hospitals and health centers,” he said.

Principal Secretary for the Ministry of Health Dr. Samson Mndolo finds the demands to employ all the 5000 health workers at once as unrealistic.

“The government is working on the matter, but the same cannot be done at once,” he stated.

Health rights activist Maziko Matemba has asked the authorities to find a long lasting solution on the matter.

“There must be a better way that the health workers have to be absorbed into the health system once they finish their education,” he said.

Some unemployed nurses through the National Organization of Nurses and Midwives in Malawi (NONM) tried to push for labour export deal, in a desperate move to find employment in other countries.
But government blocked the move stating that proper procedures were not followed, hinting that it (government) want to use proper channels (through government to government engagement).

Community Health working Group Revamped in Neno

In a bid to strengthen coordination among different stakeholders working in health-related services in Neno, the District Hospital Management there has called on all Health Technical Working Group members to show commitment.

NGO Offering 3.8% Interest Rate On its Loan Program

Parkstreet Conventional Savings, Loan and Investment (PACOSALI) Foundation, a local money lending organization says collaterals and high interest rates bar poor people from accessing loans.

Phalombe Council Warns Parents

Phalombe District Council has issued a stern warning to parents who are sending their children to work as house-boys where they are selling some items in various trading centres.

SKILLS Programme Shines Ray of hope for Unemployed Youth

In Malawi, unemployment statistics are hard to come by but a critical look at some data shows the country has a huge crisis at hand - a crisis that needs urgent attention.

No Whereabouts of 2023/14 AIPS’s Farmer Contribution and Beneficiaries List

The Ministry of Agriculture says it is yet to decide on farmer contribution of fertilizer and goats for this year’s Affordable Inputs Programme (AIP).

Malawi’s Economy Diversifying - CAT

The Centre for Agricultural Transformation (CAT) is optimistic that Malawi’s economy can diversify through improved technologies in agriculture.

Advocate Mahata Pushes For Constitution Amendment

The Legal Affairs Committee of parliament on Thursday sent back an advocate, Denis Mahata of the Save Malawi Initiative from a meeting over failure to provide proper arguments on demands to amend some clauses in the constitution.

Minister Concedes Nsanje-Marka Road was Poorly Designed

Minister of Transport Jacob Hara has conceded poor workmanship on a 27-kilometer Nsanje-Marka road that has cost over K11 billion.

Go Back to School, Education Authorities Challenge School Dropouts

A senior education official in Mulanje has challenged children that were affected by the Tropical Cyclone Freddy and dropped out of school to go back to school as life has to go back to normal after the disaster.

Financial Woes Affect Portable Water Access at Ekwendeni School for the Blind

Ekwendeni Resource for the Blind which is a primary school under the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia has gone for three years without access to clean and potable water due to the failure to settle 800,000 Kwacha water bills to the Northern Region Water Board.
Head of the Ekwendeni Mission, Reverend Timothy Nyirenda says that the water supply was disconnected following acute funding challenges affecting its donors (the Church and well-wishers).

The institution, at times gets monthly financial support from government of about 500 000 Kwacha which is not enough for its operations.
“Despite a well-wisher drilling a borehole at the school, after noting the problem, we still need safe and potable water. We will soon engage the Northern Region Water Board on how to settle the debt despite having insufficient resources,” said Reverend Nyirenda.
Meanwhile, president of the Institute of People Management Malawi Godwin Sam N'goma whose organisation donated assorted items to the institution valued at 2 million Kwacha, has appealed to well-wishers including the corporate world to assist the school.
Said N’goma: “Our coming here is to provide public awareness, so that more people can bail out the school which is in dire need of help. We want to tell people of goodwill to bail out the school that has produced a lot of good people.”
The Ekwendeni Resource Center for the Blind was established in 1978 and it has been relying on the Church, well-wishers, and government who in some months provide a subversion of 500,000 Kwacha.
The Institute of People Management Malawi is one of the oldest professional bodies in the country, and its mandate is to ensure an effective workforce in the labour sector.

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